Distribution unit for homes with separate water supply. With high capacity.


Distribution unit for homes with separate water supply, heat exchanger SWW and heat exchanger heating, equipped with the following components:

1. Brazed heat exchanger (Pnom 15 kW);
2. Modulating 2-way valve (primary circuit);
3. Safety valve 3 bar;
4. Flow temperature probe;
5. Safety sensor;
6. Template energy meter code 755404K / 755405K;
7. Expansion vessel 7 l;
8. Pump with bypass for security;
9. Filling kit;
10. Pressure switch;

Production SWW
11. Brazed heat exchanger (Pnom 65 kW);
12. Modulating 2-way valve primary circuit;
13. Temperature sensor SWW;
14. Flowmeter priority SWW;
NB: there is no function provided for SKW
15. Electronic controller.

Alimentation: 230 V - 50 Hz.
- scope low temperature: 25÷45ºC,
- scope medium/high temperature: 50÷75ºC.
Temperature scope SWW: 42÷60ºC.

Connections system 1” M.
Housing made of PPE, color grey.

Functions to activate:
- compensation sensor return set: low temperature;
- pre-heated heat exchanger SWW.

- primary: 16 bar,
- secundary heating: 3 bar,
- secundary SWW: 10 bar.
Consumption: 75 W.

Dimensions (h x w x d): 550 x 630 x 265 mm.



SATK30105HE heat exchanger high capacity - high efficiency pump UPS2 15-60

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