DIRTMAGPLUS® - Multifunction device with dirt separator and strainer. Ø 22 and Ø 28 with compression ends.


Multifunction device with dirt separator and strainer.
Specific for the complete cleaning of the hydraulic circuit, to protect continuously generator and components.
Composite body.
Dirt separator with tecnopolimer internal element, with magnet.
Two inspectable strainers with stainless steel mesh:
- 1 for initial cleaning (blue colour) already installed,
- 1 for maintenance (grey colour) to be bought separately.
Shut-off valve with nut, brass body.
Adjustable for horizontal, vertical or 45° pipes.
Ø 22 and Ø 28 with compression ends.

Drain cock with hose connection.

Max. working pressure: 3 bar.
Temperature range: 0÷90°C.


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code connection pack package
545372 Ø 22 1 -
545373 Ø 28 1 -

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