25 April 2016


  • What is BIM?

"BIM can be defined as the development, growth and analysis of virtual multi-dimensional models generated digitally with computer programmes.The role of BIM in the construction industry (through architects, engineers, builders and customers) is to boost communication, cooperation, simulation and the optimal improvement of a project throughout the entire lifespan of the facility. [...] A three-dimensional geometric model of the construction used only for graphic simulations (renderings) cannot be deemed to be BIM."

These are the main lines of Wikipedia's definition and it sums up in a nutshell exactly what we are talking about.

But it is not only an efficient team-driven design process, it is also a legislative manufacturing requirement. Indeed, the European Union encourages the development and use of the BIM process in its Directive 2014/24/EU in order to increase transparency during public procurement procedures. The Member States will be given 30 months to implement this directive. So, it is almost upon us.




So where does Caleffi stand?

Caleffi intends to be one step ahead of the Italian marketplace and make its own components with BIM models. The files will be integrated into the navigable data sheet of each product and then gradually they will be extended to include the entire catalogue.  This project was presented on the stand during MCE 2016. The BIM models can be very different from each other in terms of depth of information. The creation of Caleffi's models is subject to consultation with designers with specific field experience (both Italian and foreign) and with experts from the MEP sector. These studies have led to the creation of the Revit families which enable the use of advanced software functions to generate sizing calculations and simulations. In other words, real assistance is offered to the designer during the actual design stage because these are not simple 3D models (which are already very common, but merely indicate the overall dimensions), but actually provide real digital copies of the actual end product. These are files which include essential features (from materials to more detailed technical details) if an efficient design process from day one is desired.


De Caleffi BIM-modellen zijn terug te vinden in de BIM-bibliotheek, en worden toegevoegd aan desbetreffend product in de online productcatalogus.