October 13, 2020

Compact manifolds: reduced size and simple connection

Our approach is based on continuous change aimed at implementing total quality combined with new forms of comfort.  The literature and our experience tells us that well-being in the home is a direct consequence of distributing the thermal medium to each individual utility at the correct flow rate and temperature. That is why the distribution units, with or without mixing valves depending on the system type, are the conventional answer to this need. However, the installer often has to create complicated manifolds from the central heating system in cramped environments, even on site. 

Here is the solution: the Caleffi 550 series compact manifolds guarantee small size, while offering simple connection of the various distribution units.

Why should you choose Caleffi compact manifolds?

● Reduces the space needed for installation in the central heating system 
● Configured for direct connection of distribution and temperature regulation units 
● Suitable for flow rates up to 9 m3/h, or medium–large systems 
● Complete with insulation and wall mounting brackets

Why should you install Caleffi DN32 compact manifolds?

We have completed the range with the launch of the new DN32 version, which complements the already popular DN25. 
Increasing the size of the main body makes higher flow rates possible, up to 9 m3/h, with very low pressure drops. This aids the circulation pumps, which can thereby ensure the correct flow rate to the various zone and reduce their consumptions to the minimum. 
To simplify installation, we have configured its outlets with the same centre distance as the distribution units, and fitted them with unions for quick connection. The bracketing system, which is supplied in the pack, allows direct separate installation, with no need to make dedicated supporting structures. The internal configuration of the manifold ensures low pressure drops and the possibility of adapting to any type of heating system. 
To ensure perfect thermal insulation, it has been equipped with pre-formed shell insulation to reduce heat dispersion during medium distribution. 

The overall view applied during product development led us to think of the need for water separation when the manifold is supplied by a primary circuit pump. We have therefore designed and built a compact hydraulic separator with a dedicated centre distance to ensure correct circulation and conserve operation of all the pumps in the circuit, thereby reducing the installation space.